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180 Turnaround Starting Records

Start your journey to a leaner, healthier you!

Welcome to the Shaklee 180 Healthy Weight Challenge!

Get started by entering your “Before” information. 

For Your Records.

Take Photos.

Consider the following tips below to ensure your images meet our creative requirements.

  • Find a well lit room with a plain wall to limit distractions in the photo. 
  • Make sure camera is in focus and picture has even lighting.
  • Consistency is key. Choose one or two images and be sure to use the same position for your After photo
  • Attire should be form fitting, ie. exercise clothes, to show your shape.

Here are four shots that work well.


Select and Print This Info. For Your Records.

Take Measurements (in inches)

Waist (measure approx. one inch above belly button).                              

Chest(measure around the largest part of your chest).                              

Thigh(measure your upper leg where the circumference is largest).                            

Hips(measure around the largest part).                              

Arms(measure midway between top of the shoulder and elbow).                             

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