How to Avoid  Holiday Stuffing!

How to Avoid Getting Stuffed on Thanksgiving

I received this article through my email from My Fitness Pal and just thought someone else may need this reminder.  We all know how hard it is to control our eating habit during the holiday season.

Maybe these few little tips will help.

However, at the end of the day we will always wish we had practiced a little more control.  So, to help with that, see the end of the article for some help getting back to normal.

It seems like any meal you call a feast is bound to cause dread in dieters everywhere. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if we changed the name to “Thanksgiving (Holiday) Light Evening Snack With Family and Friends.” There might be less indigestion, but I doubt a name that cumbersome is likely to catch on. And (Holiday) overeating at Thanksgiving is a tradition in this country. Just like going back and eating more leftovers even though you’re still totally full from the night before.

Overeating is weird, if you think about it. If I offered people a delicious dinner under the condition they got punched in the stomach when they’re done eating it, I wonder how many takers I’d get? But to me, that’s exactly what it feels like when I eat too much. Except whoever punched me didn’t take their fist away for a few hours.

In order to combat this very real pain in my gut when I over eat, a few years ago I started using some of the habits that my clients and I work on during Thanksgiving and have found some really helpful tips to avoid that “punched in the stomach” feeling after the meal.


You’re likely not trying to maximize your caloric intake or win an officially sanctioned competitive eating contest. So why are you eating? Enjoy some delicious foods that you remember from growing up? Trying something new? Whatever your goal, just remember the words of Grant Achatz, Executive Chef of Alinea (the best restaurant in the world): “You taste the first 3 bites. After that, it’s eating.”


Yes, this works. Dr. Brian Wansink of the Cornell Food Lab has shown over and over again that if you use a smaller plate, you eat less food without even noticing. Even if you go back for seconds! It works so well that he formed a non-profit to promote smaller plate sizes called “The Small Plate Movement.” So grab a dessert plate and remember Dr. Wansink’s advice: “The best diet is the one you don’t know you’re on.”



It’s not the first bites that get you, it’s the last bites that put you over the top. So cover your plate with your napkin when you’re done. Putting a barrier between you and the food is a great way to avoid mindlessly nibbling, and it’s a nice ritual to separate “eating time” from “digesting time.”


On an embarrassing personal note, I went to manners class when I was 8 years old. Other than learning what all the forks are for (turns out, they’re all for eating things), our super scary teacher also taught us to put down our silverware between each bite and chew facing forward while listening to other people talk. This is a great trick to make 8 year olds slow the heck down and at least give the appearance that they are listening to what you say. So it’s not just a great way to slow down your eating, but focus on what Thanksgiving is really about: pretending to listen to people while you eat.

Now For the "Destuffing" and Clearing of the "Glazed Over" Eyes!

We've all had a good day with family and friends.  We've eaten our fill, and someone else's.  We've settled back in the big comfortable recliner or stretched out on the couch.  The ballgames are on.  Our eyes are heavy.  And, we're thinking, "I wish I had used a smaller plate or that I had not gone back for that 2cd or 3rd helping.

Well, here's what you do to get your body back to normal.  If you have never done a detox, there is no better time than now.  It will help you restore your bodies natural functions and get ready for the next big events coming up in only a few weeks, Christmas and New Years!

The 7-Day Healthy Cleanse is designed to:

  • • Improve focus and energy*†
  • • Enhance mood and sleep quality*†
  • • Support detox and healthy digestion*†
  • • Jump-start weight loss and reduce cravings*†

We have Facebook events that starts at various times that you can join for encouragement and support during the 7 days of detox.  Get back with us for a schedule.

There are resources available to help with shopping and meal planning in preparation for the detox.

Take a minute and watch the short video about the 7 day detox cleanse and click ​here for the Healthy Cleanse program guide, then come back and click here for the Store for more details and ordering.

If you have questions, use our Contact tab or Comment section below.  We will be glad to help.

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