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Why You’re Burning Fewer Calories Than You Think

I found this article by Kristina Larue at MyFitnessPal.com.   I share it with you because it's great information for one who is working out everyday and counting those calories as a means of projecting your weight loss.

If that be you, you will find her article helpful.

However, in the end of this blog, I have taken another approach to our weight problems.  Not necessarily forgetting the idea of counting your calories in or out, but rather controlling your intake through an enriched diet system and a change in mindset.

Here is Kristina,

​​​​Weight management comes down to simple math: calories in minus calories out. But if you’re keeping track of your diet and exercise and still missing your goals, you might be getting some parts of the equation wrong.

We tend to overestimate how many calories we’ve burned and underestimate how much we’ve consumed, making it difficult to hit those weight-loss goals. And even when you’re carefully tracking your meals and activity, you may be expending less energy than you think.

Check out these six reasons your calorie burn might be smaller than you’ve estimated:


It’s important not to approach every day thinking you can indulge with your food because you’ve put in a big, calorie-torching workout — or assume every gym day will yield a big calorie deficit. An hour of strength training could end up burning around 200–300 calories, compared with about 500 calories burned during a long run. It could be helpful to think of your daily calorie burn as a weekly average. Going into the week, it’s a good idea to know what workouts you’ll do and factor those calorie burns into your eating plan.


You hop on that treadmill, elliptical or cycling machine and watch the “calories” number tick up. Before you celebrate with a cheeseburger, remember these machines are often inaccurate, especially if you don’t input your weight before you start the workout. Everyone burns calories at a different rate depending on weight, heart rate and form, which means your favorite exercise machine may tell you you’re burning way more calories than you really are.


Sure, you had a great hour long workout this morning, but your intense cardio session can’t offset the effects of sitting all day at work. Find ways to incorporate standing or walking into other parts of your daily routine beyond your workout. Send emails from a standing desk, watch your TV shows while cleaning instead of from the couch, or make your next meeting a walking one.


If you log your workouts or sync your activity tracker with MyFitnessPal, it will add your calorie burn from exercise to your total daily calorie allotment. But if you also have your activity level set to “active” to account for your weekly workouts, the app is already factoring in those daily sweat sessions. To better assess your calorie burn in the gym, adjust your MyFitnessPal settings to “sedentary” and factor in the calories burned during exercise to that baseline. (Check out some of the discussion on this topic in the MyFitnessPal community forums.)


As you get in better shape and adapt to your training, your body will burn fewer calories in the gym. That’s a credit to you because it takes less effort to do the same workout when your body becomes more efficient. Keep track of the workout routines you’re doing, and increase intensity or distance every few weeks to continue progressing.


This is similar to the previous point. When you drop pounds, your smaller body takes less energy to move around. Everything from doing dishes to running a marathon burns fewer calories. This is a great sign of progress, but it also means you may need to increase your estimated calories burned per day or adjust your calorie intake to continue losing weight.

Kristina Larue

Ok, here's the deal. There is nothing quite like a good workout or exercise program to aid in weight loss and to keep your body strong and healthy.  You definitely have to burn more calories than you take in and muscle helps to do that.

The problem is, most of us are not going to be that dedicated to the gym.  We might do a walking regiment for a while or maybe use a treadmill or some other means at home in our spare time.  And, it's not because we're lazy that we don't spend time in the gym.  It a time management problem.

We have full time jobs and family responsibilities.  We are shuffling kids to the ball park or to band or cheerleader practice.  Coming home after all that and trying to get the flock fed, watered, and cleaned in preparation for another day of the same.

I really admire those who do all that and make time for the gym.  I know ladies and men also who do.  I never could, with any consistency.

So, for us there is a proven weight loss system.  This system focuses mainly on your calorie intake, the right kinds of food and portions, and most important a change in mindset.   However, it is always a good idea to incorporate exercise with any plan when possible for maximum benefit.   KRISTINA at My Fitness Pal can help you with that.

I know, if you've been around very long and have had those extra pounds you just can't get rid of, you have probably tried all kinds of diets.  You lose it and feel good about it for a while then life happens and you gain it back.  That is called, as you probably know, the "YoYo" diet - up and down, up and down.

Your main problem is you have never been able to change you eating habits.  Until you have a different mindset and are able to change those habits, you will always be on the end of that YoYo string.

I remember about 15 years ago, I was about 40 lbs. over weight.  I changed my mindset and just a few eating habits and lost 30 of those pounds in 3 months.

That's what this Weight Loss System is all about.  It's not just a plan to lose weight, it's a System to help you lose the weight in a healthy manor and to stay healthy while you keep it off.

It's called the 180 Turnaround.  It is designed to help you make a 180 deg. turn in your thoughts and actions concerning weight loss and do that within 180 days - 90 days to lose the weight and 90 days to learn to keep it off.

Most weight lose plans, especially if you're not exercising regularly, will help you loss weight, but it's the wrong kind.  You end up losing muscle as oppose to fat. Fat stores the calories for energy, while muscle burns them.  So, you are actually working against yourself with diets that help you with your calorie intake, but does nothing to help retain your muscle.

The 180 Turnaround Kit provides you with all the nutrients needed to keep your body healthy while you shed those unwanted pounds.  It also provides the special ingredient, Lucine, which helps your body retain and even gain muscle mass during the process.

If you are tired of the "YoYo" click the "Learn More" button below to see a PDF explaining how the 180 Turnaround can break that string.

Here are some of the things you get with the 180 Turnaround.

  • You gain free membership to the website where you have access to all health and wellness products at a 10% to 15% discount.
  • You have access to a support group for help and encouragement along the way.
  • You get a Wellness Guide to help you get started and keep records for later reference.
  • A shopping guide is provided.
  • A "free foods" list.  Foods you can have without restrictions.
  • There are Meal Plans to incorporate into the 180 Turnaround appropriate for various weight and lifestyle considerations.
  • Recommendations for updating food pantry with healthier choices
  • As a member you have exclusive access to the My 180 tab on the website, that includes,
    • Recipes, lifestyle info and success tips from our doctors.
    • Fitness regimens designed by our world-class Pure Performance Team athletes.
    • Success stories to encourage on your journey. 
    • Support videos.
    • Secrets to Success that you can refer to that will help you accomplish your goals.
    • Access to the blog, Naturally—Your Resource for a Healthier Life, for healthy meal and shake recipes, along with lifestyle recommendations for healthier living. 

You get all this plus peace of mind that you are treating your body with the healthiest and most efficient nutritional system on the planet.

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